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Have you always wanted to start a Youtube Channel but aren't sure how it all works? In this masterclass, I breakdown the basics of becoming a Youtuber.


I have been on Youtuber for the past almost four years, and during that time feel I have learnt a lot I would like to share with others who are starting their journey. I hope that this course can help the process feel less overwhelming and more like you got this - because you absolutely do! I structured the course around my most frequently asked questions to ensure I cover the main topics which people are interested in when it comes to Youtube. 


By the end of the course you will understand what's important when getting started with Youtube - and what is absolutely NOT! I break down equipment, tools and presenting - all in an easy to understand format! 





90 minutes

Image by Sara Kurfeß


How I started my Channel 

Youtube 101 

Youtube Shorts 

Choosing Video Topics 

Choosing your Equipment 

Traits you'll need to Work On 

When to Post & How Frequently 

Features and Considerations of Youtube 

bonus videos  

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