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If you have a love-hate relationship with creating content on social media, this class is just for you!


I will be sharing my five step process to create social media content quickly and efficiently. This is the exact process that I follow for my social media clients, and allows me to produce a lot of content at scale. 

It covers: 

1) Creating Content Pillars 
2) Developing a Persona 
3) Sourcing Inspiration
4) Editing your Posts 
5) Plotting your Post 


By the end of the course you will have a strong foundation in social media marketing, which will help you successfully market brands, products and services on social media. 



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1. Welcome to the Course 

2. What can I expect from my website?

3. Why Wix?

4. Let's create in Canva! 

5. What's SEO?

6. I want a custom domain! 

7. FAQ's 

8. I'm ready to launch! 

what tools will we use?

1. WIX 

Wix is a website builder which is easy for beginners to use and master quickly. It is intuitive and boasts a lot of plugins and features to utilize for no additional costs. 


Canva is a free, web based design tool which allows you to create basic design elements for your site such as banners! It also helps you to create social media content to promote your website once it is ready for launch. 


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