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How to win with Instagram Stories

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Tips, tools and tricks for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the fun, ephemeral way to share what you are up to with friends. Without the pressure of appearing in your carefully curated Instagram feed, they are a much celebrated functionality of Instagram as they only appear for 24 hours, unless they are added to a user’s profile as a ‘Highlight’.

First introduced in August 2016, they were an obvious steal from Snapchat Stories – but users didn’t take long to embrace the new vertical format and its exciting functionality – a marked departure from Instagram’s square photos.

The functionality within Stories is impressive – boasting formats like Type, Music, Live, Boomerang, Superzoom, Focus & Rewind – all fun effects designed to make posts more vibrant.

In addition to the inbuilt functionality, people and brands on the top of their Insta-game have looked for even more creative ways to make their lives and products pop, helping to distinguish themselves from the sea of stories.

To help marketers navigate the wide variety of options, D.O. Digital has created a YouTube video which demonstrates how to use a variety of other apps in conjunction with Instagram Stories, to help you stand out on Instagram Stories.

We chat about apps like Over, Unfold, Cut Story, Canva, Flat Icon and AZ recorder, and how these can enhance your presence on Instagram.

The social media network reached 1 billion monthly active users in June 2018, meaning it’s consistently gaining ground on big brother Facebook. It also enjoys favour from millennials and creators, making a really exciting playground for marketers in 2019.

D.O. Digital is an eLearning academy which focuses on cost effective online training about digital marketing. Its first course, Introduction to Social Media Marketing, is an eight week beginner’s course launching in January 2019 with exciting discounts and exclusive offers.

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