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Module 3: Instagram Masterclass - Instagram Introduction

Updated: May 11, 2020

Welcome to our free social marketing course! This is the first free social media marketing course in South Africa, designed to help anyone #dodigitalbetter . You're on Module 3 of 8.

Module 1 - Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Module 2 - Facebook Masterclass - Introduction to Facebook

Module 3 - Instagram Masterclass - Rock your Instagram

Module 4 - Twitter Masterclass - Taking Flight on Twitter

Module 5 - LinkedIn Masterclass - I Mean Business on LinkedIn

Module 6 - Social Media Strategy Masterclass - How to craft a social media strategy

Module 7 - Measurement & Optimization Masterclass - Social Media Analytics

Module 8 - Exam


WELCOME: Welcome to the Instagram Masterclass

Instagram is one of the most diverse social media platforms out there, thanks to its broad functionality -

  • Instagram Stories (which disappear after 24 hours)

  • Highlights (which save stories indefinitely)

  • IGTV or Instagram TV

  • Hashtagging

  • Geotagging for content discovery

It has also become well known for:

Conveying strong visual identities and aesthetics Perfectly curated feeds which rely on the user using a host of additional editing tools Influencer marketing A younger demographic than Facebook (millenials & gen Z)

It recently passed the 1 billion monthly active user (MAU) mark - meaning it is gaining ground on Facebook (which has more than 2 billion monthly active users).

Source: Statistica

Good luck with your Instagram Masterclass!


INTRODUCTION: Introduction to the Instagram Masterclass Video


ROLE OF INSTAGRAM: Role of the Instagram Platform


CONTENT CREATION BEST PRACTISE: Best Practise & Creating Content for Instagram

Instagram Stories


1. Over

2. Unfold

3. Cut Story

4. Canva

5. Flaticon

6. AZ Recorder


EDITING & POSTING: Editing for Instagram & Posting Best Practise


STORIES & IGTV: Successfully leveraging Stories & IGTV

This section of the masterclass is all about IGTV, Instagram Stories & becoming successful on Instagram.

HANDY TIP: If you want to read more about Instagram's latest updates, why not check out this blog post.

Want more inspiration for Instagram Stories? Why not download the following apps:

  • Over

  • Unfold

  • Cutstory

Want more information about IGTV? Check out this full guide.


PAID MEDIA: Instagram Paid Media Options