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Module 3: Instagram Masterclass - Instagram Introduction

Updated: May 11, 2020

Welcome to our free social marketing course! This is the first free social media marketing course in South Africa, designed to help anyone #dodigitalbetter . You're on Module 3 of 8.

Module 1 - Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Module 2 - Facebook Masterclass - Introduction to Facebook

Module 3 - Instagram Masterclass - Rock your Instagram

Module 4 - Twitter Masterclass - Taking Flight on Twitter

Module 5 - LinkedIn Masterclass - I Mean Business on LinkedIn

Module 6 - Social Media Strategy Masterclass - How to craft a social media strategy

Module 7 - Measurement & Optimization Masterclass - Social Media Analytics

Module 8 - Exam


WELCOME: Welcome to the Instagram Masterclass

Instagram is one of the most diverse social media platforms out there, thanks to its broad functionality -

  • Instagram Stories (which disappear after 24 hours)

  • Highlights (which save stories indefinitely)

  • IGTV or Instagram TV

  • Hashtagging

  • Geotagging for content discovery

It has also become well known for:

Conveying strong visual identities and aesthetics Perfectly curated feeds which rely on the user using a host of additional editing tools Influencer marketing A younger demographic than Facebook (millenials & gen Z)

It recently passed the 1 billion monthly active user (MAU) mark - meaning it is gaining ground on Facebook (which has more than 2 billion monthly active users).

Source: Statistica

Good luck with your Instagram Masterclass!


INTRODUCTION: Introduction to the Instagram Masterclass Video


ROLE OF INSTAGRAM: Role of the Instagram Platform


CONTENT CREATION BEST PRACTISE: Best Practise & Creating Content for Instagram

Instagram Stories


2. Unfold


EDITING & POSTING: Editing for Instagram & Posting Best Practise


STORIES & IGTV: Successfully leveraging Stories & IGTV

This section of the masterclass is all about IGTV, Instagram Stories & becoming successful on Instagram.

HANDY TIP: If you want to read more about Instagram's latest updates, why not check out this blog post.

Want more inspiration for Instagram Stories? Why not download the following apps:

  • Over

  • Unfold

  • Cutstory

Want more information about IGTV? Check out this full guide.


PAID MEDIA: Instagram Paid Media Options

In this section, we will show you how to set up an ad using the Instagram app.

If you would prefer to set up an Instagram ad using the Facebook advertising interface, please refer to this blog article. Please note that if you would like to set up an Instagram Stories ad (and not one in the normal Instagram newsfeed), you will need to use Facebook's ad manager. Please head over to the Instagram for Business website if you need more information.


BONUS RESOURCE: Instagram Masterclass (Cape Town Conference Recap)



Please note that the exam will not test you on the "Additional Resources" or Bonus Content - it's simply to help you!

The Later blog has some incredible Instagram Resources I recommend you make use of :) Here are some of my faves.



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