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Key Ingredients of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Suffice to say; social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Young adults are using social media to communicate with brands, seek opinions and product reviews to create their perspective about businesses and ultimately assist with their purchasing decision. We believe that is of utmost importance that businesses are constantly improving their social media strategies to stay relevant.

To assist you get started on your social media campaign, here are 9 key ingredients you cannot neglect in your strategy.

Setting Strategic Goals

The success of your social media campaign depends on having clearly defined goals that can help you best execute your plan. It is important that you ensure your social media campaign goals are aligned with your business goals. Some of these goals may include:

· Brand awareness

· Improve your conversion rates

· Boost brand mentions

· Increase followers

· Boost sales

· Increased engagement

· Drive traffic and generate qualified leads

Implement Strategies That Support Your Goals

Now that your goals are set for your social media campaign, you are ready to build inbound strategies that will assist in achieving those goals. For example, if your goal is to get more engagement from your audience, you could hold a photo contest and gather entries using a unique hashtag over the social channels that support hashtags, such as Twitter & Instagram.

Cross-Promote the Social Media Campaign

Building anticipation in your audience in the weeks leading up to your campaign is key. Cross-promote the campaign through email, website and promoted influencer content. Campaign reminders and mentions across a number of digital touch points will deliver better results than a social media campaign that’s only promoted on your social media platforms.

Invest in Paid Media

The days of simply posting on social and expecting all your followers to see everything are over. It’s survival of the fittest – Social platforms are favouring content not only because they are most deserving of engagement but also because they have received paid media investment to encourage that engagement.

Whilst it is essential to have high quality content feeding your social media campaign, businesses need to start investing in paid media to get that content seen and grow their audience.

Analyse Your Metrics

The best way to understand whether you are reaching your marketing goals and whether your marketing efforts are successful is by evaluating your social media campaign. Use analytical tools like Brandtribe, Ads Manager, Google Analytics to reveal useful data that can help you understand the success of your campaign, or help in optimising your campaign, as well as plan better for your next one.

Want to learn more about building your successful social media campaign? Check out our Introduction to Social Media Marketing course to assist you in understanding the social media arena and the next step in creating your campaign.

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