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My "Move to Perth" eBook is here⬇️

Moving to Perth or thinking of heading over? I am so excited for you! My husband and I started dreaming of moving to Perth in 2021 and made it a reality in Jan of 2024. As with any kind of big move, there have been many learnings along the way, so if I can help someone else do it smoother then best believe I will! Bear in mind that we moved from Cape Town, South Africa which has a similar-ish climate and “vibe”, so there might be slightly more nuances depending on where you are from e.g. if you are moving from the Northern hemisphere, or find it to be more of a culture shock than us.

If however you are South African, I have included a section at the end just for you. Wishing you lots of luck with the big move.


Please do feel free to get in touch with me if you have any feedback for me on my content:

Special thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, Peter & Linda for teaching us everything we know about Perth, so we can pay it forward now too #BeLikePeteandLinda

If you have two minutes, please let me know what you thought of the eBook using the survey button!

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What does it cover?

  • Welcome to Perth

  • Flying to Australia

  • Your first week checklist

  • Getting a SIM card

  • Getting a bank account

  • Exchanging money

  • Your first month checklist

  • Getting around (Public transport & buying a car)

  • Finding a place to stay

  • Finding a job

  • Shopping & other essentials

  • Things to do

  • From my perspective (My pictures of Perth)

  • For the South Africans

  • Thank you for reading

I want to hear from you! 

Please let me know what you thought of the eBook by answering four simple questions (it should take you less than two minutes to complete). There are no wrong answers!

What does it look like?

It's a 52-page designed eBook which includes all my best advice on how to make Perth your new home.

It also includes two checklists, two templates and a whole lot of inspiration! ​

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