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Want to earn a side income by offering social media as a service? If you are creative, enjoy being online and love writing - this is honestly one of the most gratifying skills you can learn. It will allow you to work from absolutely anywhere, and have a loyal client base who need your social media expertise to build their business. In this class, we run through my three step process: 




Are you searching for a way to earn a rewarding side income by leveraging your creativity, online presence, and love for writing? Look no further! Offering social media as a service is one of the most fulfilling and lucrative skills you can acquire. It grants you the freedom to work from anywhere while establishing a loyal client base who rely on your expertise to grow their businesses. 📲💰

In my class "Become a Successful Social Media Freelancer", I will guide you through our three-step process: UPLEVEL, UNLOCK, and UNLEASH, propelling you towards a successful journey as a social media services provider. 🚀💼


During this phase, we will help you uplevel your skills, knowledge, and understanding of social media marketing. From mastering content creation strategies to deciphering the art of engagement, you'll acquire the essential toolkit needed to stand out in the competitive digital landscape. 📈💡

Step 2: UNLOCK

In the unlock phase, we will unveil the secrets to effectively unlocking the potential of various social media platforms. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you will learn the strategies and techniques to maximize engagement, drive traffic, and build a thriving online community for your clients. 🌟🔑



In the final phase, it's time to unleash your creativity and unleash the full power of social media to propel your clients' businesses forward. Discover how to develop effective social media strategies, curate compelling content, and implement growth hacks that lead to tangible results. With your newfound expertise, you will become an indispensable asset to your clients and witness the impact of your work firsthand. 💥✨

I hope to provide you with a transformative opportunity to tap into the vast potential of social media marketing and create a profitable side business that aligns with your passions. 💼💻



By the end of the course you will have a strong foundation in social media marketing, which will help you successfully market brands, products and services on social media. 

how will I learn


bite-sized lessons ⏰

  1. Welcome & what you will learn

  2. The Structure for Today's Class

  3. What you can expect from being a Social Media Manager

  4. Getting into the Right Mindset

  5. Rock your Instagram

  6. Mean Business with LinkedIn

  7. Content Repurposing & Gary Vee

  8. Your Social Media Toolkit

  9. Creating Professional Presentations with SlidesGo

  10. Introducing... Scheduling Software

  11. Scheduling 101 (Sprout Social & Hootsuite)

  12. Using Google Slides & Drive

  13. Transfer Images from Your Phone to your Computer

  14. Our Strategic Approach

  15. Uplevelling & Unlocking

  16. Let's get Creative with Canva!

  17. Content Planning with Google Sheets (Demo!)

  18. Unleash your Learnings

  19. Reporting 101

  20. BONUS: Answering your FAQ's

  21. Thank you for Watching!

student reviews ✨

I'm impressed at how much I learned about social media marketing in the first few videos alone. Megs has done a great job here.

— Quentin W.



As a small business owner who as avoided social like COVID-19, this class broke social media down for me in a manageable way without being overwhelming. Now I know where to start and how to envision success. 

— Violet D.

This was absolutely brilliant. Would love to see more from this teacher. Very easy and clear instructions. Megs was very thorough and I enjoyed listening to her. 

— Lisa A.

I was able to get five pages of notes throughout the course and learnt very valuable information. Megs is also a lovely teacher! 

— Isobel C.

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